Last weekend Bas Ketelaars (1979) has arrived to start his residency at IK island. He was selected through the Mondriaan Fund.
‘It is not easily given to the viewer to penetrate his work. In his drawings Ketelaars literally sets up an obstacle for the observer’s glance. Large, black crossed out spaces with remainders of line drawings underneath cover most of the paper. The drawing seems to be edged out, as if instead of an eraser, he has used graphite. The questions that arise are, whether Ketelaars wants to show us that a definitive image cannot exist or that it is yet to originate? Because he leaves these questions unanswered, it involves the viewer even more in the process of creation of the artwork.’
(Fragment text for the exhibition ‘Big Black’ at IS-Projects, Leiden/NL 2010)
Like a sneak peek?
The opening is planned for Sunday 30 April 2017 at 12 p.m.
A warm welcome, Bas, and the best of luck!